Cookie policy - Information on the use of cookies

We hereby inform you that the website, which can be accessed via the url:, and e-mail reference:, adopts a series of technologies that allow collecting information and personal data needed to provide services and useful for improving the user's online experience.


General information on cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer of the viewer of a website for the purpose of recording certain information relating to the visit and information provided by the website owner, subsequently used by the website itself (for example to recognize the user subsequently or for anonymous statistics).

A website can set a cookie on the browser only if the preferences configured for the latter allow it. It is important to know that a browser can allow a specific website to access only and exclusively the cookies set by it and not those set by other websites: there are no risks to privacy in this regard. For further information about cookies, please consult the related Wikipedia page.


Claims related to cookies

By accessing, the system could set or read cookies and/or other types of identifiers about the browser and/or the device being used to:

- elaborate statistical analysis (analytics) about the use of the website and/or the services incorporated in it. does not directly use any profiling cookies: the only cookies generated and managed directly by are technical cookies (which are used only and exclusively to correctly offer the services to the user) and, in an extremely limited way, statistics cookies (which are used to count the number of views of the various pages of the website and/or for other statistical purposes).


Technical cookies

The website uses technical cookies for activities strictly necessary for the functioning of the same. At the moment, technical cookies are used exclusively to approve access to private areas by system administrators.


Third-party cookies

The website uses Google Analytics, one of the most widespread and reliable web statistics systems aimed at understanding the use of the website and identifying solutions to improve the user experience. These cookies may track information such as the time spent on the website and the pages visited so that it can be possible to optimize the content and performance.

For the website a further process of anonymization of the IP addresses (of visitors) requested by Google Analytics has been activated, in order to make them practically untraceable. To prevent the use of Analytics in your browser, install the browser add-on for deactivation of Google Analytics. For further information about Google Analytics cookies, consult the official page Google Analytics and privacy.


Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are not used.


Further information

By using this website, consent to the use of these technologies is considered implicit (as described on this page). We hope that these clarifications have resolved any doubts. However, we remain available for any further request for information. For any clarification or contact, please use this email address:


Deactivation of cookies

It is possible to configure the browser to accept or reject all cookies or particular types of cookies (for example third-party cookies) or to choose whether a notice for selection is displayed each time a cookie requires to be set. (The rejection of all cookies in block could prevent you from using some services developed by this website.)

The following are some guidelines for the main browsers for the purpose of a customized configuration in relation to cookies:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
Safari on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Cancellation of cookies

It is possible to remove all cookies (or part of them) using the special cleaning features in the browser settings.