HIV-1 Solution v2


HIV-1 Solution v2 is a qualitative in vitro device based on RT-PCR ("Reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction") amplification of viral RNA regions (Protease, Retrotranscriptase, Integrase, and gp120) from human blood or serum sample, followed by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

The kit is intended for the genotyping of the virus, the evaluation of tropism and drug resistance (HIVDR).

This product can be used as a diagnostic aid in the evaluation of antiretroviral therapies and in patient follow-up.

After sequencing, the samples are automatically analyzed by using a dedicated software which, by querying the common databases, returns a report with all the mutations identified and any drug resistance associated with the HIV virus.


Arrow Diagnostics S.r.l - Italy


Protease codons 1 to 99
Reverse transcriptase codons 1 to 440
Integrase codons 1 to 289
gp120 codons 266 to 366


NGS compatible instrument

Illumina® MiSeq

Illumina® ISeq 100

Illumina® MiniSeq *


(*) R.U.O. version / Research Use Only


CE-IVD product

For in vitro diagnostic use

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HIV-1 Solution v2AD-003.03232 tests