Microbiota Solution A / Microbiota Solution B


Microbiota Solution A / Microbiota Solution B is an in vitro device based on the PCR amplification of the hypervariable regions of bacterial 16S rDNA gene, followed by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). 

The kit is intended for the qualitative evaluation of the human microbiota starting from bacterial genomic DNA samples.

Potentially the kit can identify all the bacterial species present in the sample without the selective pressure of the bias introduced by the culture conditions in the laboratory.

After sequencing, the samples are automatically analyzed by using a dedicated software that can return a report with the results of the single sample, or a comparative report of the samples selected by the user.


Arrow Diagnostics S.r.l - Italy


Microbiota Solution A

- 16S rDNA hypervariable regions V1-V2-V3

Microbiota Solution B

- 16S rDNA hypervariable regions V3-V4-V6


NGS compatible instrument

Illumina® MiSeq™

Illumina® iSeq 100™

Illumina® MiniSeq™


CE-IVD product

For in vitro diagnostic use

Ordering information

ProductN. Cat.Size
Microbiota Solution AAD-001.02424 tests
Microbiota Solution BAD-002.02424 tests